Organizational Development

Growth doesn’t happen by accident. Growth happens when the right strategy meets the ability to execute and implement that strategy. Global Presence Network, we have been helping clients for over a decade with the development of strategic growth plans. Our strategies are not only innovative and creative, they are practical and achievable. While we can certainly develop a great presentation, we believe that what matters are strategies that are realistic and doable.

Growth Strategy services typically include:

  1. Creation of business plans for an existing business, new business lines or non-profit
  2. Legal recognition of organization with city, state, and federal government (i.e. Non-profit Recognition Letter, EIN,
  3. Creation of geographic expansion strategies
  4. Improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations
  5. Development of multi-channel marketing strategies
  6. Development of branding and positioning strategies
  7. Development of growth funding strategies

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