Print Services

GPN MEMBERS receive a wholesale discount on all prices due to our broker status with one of the largest commercial print companies in the U.S. We add a 6% markup fee to cover design processing & credit card fees. GPN Support double checks the resolution and specs of our members artwork. If modifications are needed it may incur additional fees. Our designer can also create artwork from scratch, or our member can pick from the graphic template library. Shipping fees will be extra, but low in cost due to the high volume of shipments from our printers. All orders are shipped to our member's home or business location. A final invoice price will be emailed or listed in the customer portal. Once payment is made a proof will be verified, printed and then shipped. The turnaround time for normal order is usually 7 to 14 business days. That includes ordering, proofing, printing, shipping and delivery. There is an extra cost for expedited orders and shipping.

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