Door to Door Marketing

There is "a revival for door-to-door marketing" services in America according to a report by NBC News. 

With so many marketing methods to choose, it makes sense to go with ones that offer demonstrable benefits. Door-to-door marketing qualifies. Email and social media marketing require several steps before getting in front of a prospect. The prospect has to respond to your email or social media ad, then you have to get them on the phone, and you must convince them to set an appointment.

Only if all those steps are successful do you have a chance to pitch the prospect in person? Door-to-door marketing bypasses those steps and puts you in front of prospects at the beginning. Sure, you’ll hear more nos than yeses, but even this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maybe the prospects aren’t currently in the market for your services, but now they have a friendly face to put with your company name.

Down the road, the prospects are more likely to remember the person they met face to face than one of the countless email or Facebook ads they saw. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can increase your client acquisition through the door to door marketing campaign.

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